Awesome News!!

Hi everyone 🙂

I just wanted to tell you all about my amazing news!! Youtube have recognized me as a ‘creator on the rise’ and they have put my channel on the ‘Trending’ tab for 24hrs!! How cool is that????

I could not believe it when i found out. I am so proud and also very lucky to have been recognized like this. Fingers crossed i gain a few more subscribers from it.

Thank you

Love Ann

Get Those Laminators Out! Make Awesome Embellishments!!

Hi everyone 🙂

I am back with another really cool lamination idea! I have know idea if this has been done before by anyone. It most likely has but it was just something i came up with yesterday. You may be able to tell by the picture but basically i have been laminating washi tape! Its so cool.

Many of us have so many washi tapes but have know clue what to do with them. This way you can use them up while making colourful embellishments etc! I only laminated one side of it so that you can then die cut with ease. You really have know idea its washi tape when your finished and the other cool thing is it really looks like you have put glossy accents on top. How cool is that???

As i said in the tutorial, i find that some washi tapes just don’t want to stick! This way you have know worry of that and you end up with beautiful die cuts that are very sturdy. I just took some thick card stock and attached my washi so the card was completely covered. I trimmed off the overhang and then ran two pieces through my Laminator. You can use glossy or matt pouches. I used glossy as i like the look of it on sentiments.

I hope you like this idea. Get your Washi tapes, card, Laminator and dies out and have some fun creating cool embellishments. What a brilliant way to use that washi tape.

Below i will put a link to the Youtbe video.

I will be back again soon.

Love Ann xx

Awesome Corset Card

Hi everyone 🙂

So I am back with another tutorial. Today I have what i am calling a ‘Corset card’ I have know idea if that’s what they are called but that’s the name I have chosen. There are a few of these on Youtube in various different forms. My inspiration came from another Youtube channel called Sharmins Crafts. You can find the link in my Youtube video description.

This really is a beautiful card and its very simple to make. It won’t stand up due to the shape of it and i also think you would need a gift box for it. I am happy to do a tutorial on a matching gift box if you need one.


All you need to make this card is some A4 card stock or if you are in the USA it will be 8 1/2″ x 11″. Just follow my instructions in the tutorial as its very difficult to give exact sizes for this card. You also need a hole punch, some ribbon and some kind of flowers. The ones i used are paper and i cut them from some dies i have. You can use any flowers you like.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and maybe you will try making one yourself. As i am getting ready to move house it was quite hard to get together supplies for this tutorial. i will be so happy when i am moved and settled.

I will be back again soon.

Love Ann xx

Thank you for following my new website

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to do a quick post to say thank you for checking out and following my new website. I woke up to hundreds of notifications to say you had been following me 🙂

I will be adding lots more to this site including tutorials from old blog. Its a bit tricky as i am in the process of moving home but hope to have it all finished soon.

There will also be a section where you can purchase my handmade flowers and also i may list some ‘one off’ pieces i have made. I do also have lots of craft items that i have left from my previous craft boxes, bits that i ordered to many of etc. I will also be listing these once i am moved and unpacked etc.

Thank you again for following and i hope you enjoy the new website.

Love Ann xx