NO Sew EASY Fabric Covered Boxes!

Hi everyone 🙂 Today i have a tutorial on something i have never done before! Fabric covered boxes. I have always wanted to try it but to be honest i thought it would be really complicated etc. The great thing is its not complicated at all! I really enjoyed making these boxes and if youContinue reading “NO Sew EASY Fabric Covered Boxes!”

Make Your Own Laminate Frames!!

Hi everyone 🙂 I am back with another awesome Laminator project. This time we are making our own picture frames from card then laminating one side of them. They turn out so good and you really would have know idea they are made from card! You really should try this! Its really cool. The pictureContinue reading “Make Your Own Laminate Frames!!”

Christmas Craft Fair/Gift Idea and Napkin Crackers!

Happy Sunday everyone 🙂 I am back with another tutorial. Today i went for a gorgeous Christmas project which consists of a mini book box and some laminated napkin crackers! They are pretty simple to make and would be great gifts for Teachers,Friends and Family etc. I made a larger version of the book boxContinue reading “Christmas Craft Fair/Gift Idea and Napkin Crackers!”

Get Those Laminators Out! Make Awesome Embellishments!!

Hi everyone 🙂 I am back with another really cool lamination idea! I have know idea if this has been done before by anyone. It most likely has but it was just something i came up with yesterday. You may be able to tell by the picture but basically i have been laminating washi tape!Continue reading “Get Those Laminators Out! Make Awesome Embellishments!!”

Thank you for following my new website

Hi everyone, I just wanted to do a quick post to say thank you for checking out and following my new website. I woke up to hundreds of notifications to say you had been following me 🙂 I will be adding lots more to this site including tutorials from old blog. Its a bit trickyContinue reading “Thank you for following my new website”