Hi, I’m Ann, a freelance demonstrator and crafter.

My love and passion for crafts started at an early age. I loved watching Blue peter, Art attack and anything that involved making and sticking! Drawing was something that I also enjoyed but I have not done any for years.

My Mam was also quite crafty and used to Knit and sew. She did learn me how to Knit but it was never really my thing. I did enjoy the sewing and i have recently took it up again. I bought myself a new Sewing machine and i have been making all sorts of things.

About 10 years ago i began working in a Florists. I loved it and used to create Bouquets, Wedding Flowers and Funeral arrangements. I think i will always have a love for Flowers and Flower arranging. If you already follow me on Youtube or Facebook you will know that i make a lot of floral projects.

I hope you enjoy all the crafty things i have to share with you and maybe i will inspire you to try something new!

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