HUGE Sizzix giveaway x 3!!

Hi everyone! welcome to my blog and and these amazing giveaways !! I have decided to do 3 of them. I have split the stuff into 3 bundles. They consist of die, embossing folders, paints and stamps!! The 3 winners that are picked will receive 1 of these bundles at random!

To enter you MUST be following this blog (i will check ๐Ÿ˜‰ Leave a comment on this post saying you would like a chance to win and where you are from.

I do not mind people from outside the UK entering, however you will have to pay postage costs.

Good luck and i will announce the winners on this blog next week.

Here are the 3 bundles below:

Bundle 1
Bundle 2
Sizzix giveaway, Huge giveaway, Sizzix paints,
Bundle 3

Good luck!!

Ann xx

Published by Ann Melvin

My name is Ann and i am a total craft addict! I am a freelance demonstrator for Sizzix, demonstrating there fantastic products on create and craft TV. I have a YouTube channel which i upload to weekly.

181 thoughts on “HUGE Sizzix giveaway x 3!!

  1. That is very generous of you Ann, thank you. I would love to be in with a chance too win, if its choice I would pick bundle one but would be so happy with any. Good luck to everyone. I am in Ireland!

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  2. I would love to win one of the give aways, I love your tutorials and how easy they are to follow. Iโ€™m from the middle of England beautiful Leicestershire.

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  3. Hi Ann, I am from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and have been following you and your beautiful creations for a long time. Thank you for your continued generosity to us all during this time of isolation. Itโ€™s your blog that has provided me with the escape to try and experiment – thank you!!

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  4. Hi Anne what a generous person you are, they are great give-aways and I would also like to be in with a chance to win one of them, thank you so much for the chance, I live in Spain my name is Pam Mckenzie

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  5. Ann i have only just found you facebook blog and youtube chanels and i am hooked i love the things you create you are a real inspiration i hope you keep going for a long time xx I live in Batley west yorkshire xx

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  6. Hi Ann, great giveaway. If I am fortunate enough to win I’ll consider myself very lucky to have either. Love the way you vary your tutorials giving us all food for thought. Liz Yorkshire. X

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  7. Hi Ann, What a cool giveaway. I would be thrilled with any of them. I love watching your videos even if I don’t make anything. You have such a calming voice and explain everything so clearly. Paying postage still makes this a fun giveaway. Thank You Agnes from Texas, USA

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  8. hi Ann your always very kind. I am in from cornwall. Iwouldnt mind which i was too win if i was pickedas its all fabulous, if i need to pick i would like number 3 bundle please x

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  9. Hi Anne, I have tried to comment on your blog about the giveaway. It keeps coming up that I cannot post as there is an error? I donโ€™t know if Iโ€™m doing it wrong but canโ€™t see anything Iโ€™ve missed. Can you help please as I really would like to be entered. Kind Regards Vivien

    Sent from my iPad


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  10. You are an inspiration. Your clear instructions make me feel like trying new techniques. I live in the California Central Coast and will happily pay postage if I am lucky enough to win.

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    1. I went to the link, it looks like I only do something if I want to unsubscribe. I hope I did it right so I am in the drawing.

      Susan Branche Poteet 805-835-5155

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  11. Hi Anne, Iโ€™ve been following you since your Stampin Up days. Made lots of friends & relatives happy with your projects. Greetings from Germany xx

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  12. Hi Ann, I sure love your videos and learn a lot from them. I would like to enter your giveaway. I live in Texas, south of Fort Worth.

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  13. Happy bank holiday. Just love your tutorials and have learned so much. I live in County Durham and share the same accent. I would love a chance to win a bundle.

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  14. Hi Ann,I hope you are well.
    Please can I enter the prize give away,I’ve never entered one online before and by checking your blog do you mean your posts you make?If not then that’s ok I will just keep doing what I’m doing as you have taught me loads of things.. thankyou Sarah

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  15. Hi Ann, I would absolutely love to win any of the giveaways, you are fantastic at what you do and inspire me so much to try a lot of different techniques. I live in North Lanarkshire Scotland.

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  16. Have learned so much from you Ann as Iโ€™ve been following you for a long time now. Would be delighted if I won one of your giveaways . Very generous of you

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  17. Yes please I would very much appreciate a chance of winning one of these bundles, how very generous of you to share these products with us.

    I managed to catch you on C & C, very much enjoyed.

    Joan UK

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  18. Hi Anne. I have been following your posts for some time now. I am from Nova Scotia , Canada. You have some amazing ideas and I love watching your videos. My name is Lynn Turner and I would love to be part of the giveaway as well. Hugs

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  19. Hi Ann, I’d love to win one of these fab bundles. Your generosity knows no bounds. Your tutorials have taken me into a whole new world of papercraft which I am thoroughly enjoying along with all the different techniques you have shared. These bundles are fab but I see there’s no rose gold – i wonder why? ๐Ÿ˜„ ๐Ÿคฃ ๐Ÿ˜‚
    Margaret in Sunderland x

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