I am so sorry guys :-(

Hi everyone, i am so sorry i am neglecting my Blog again 😦 I promise i will kick myself up the butt and start posting again. Its just been so hard after my house move. Also the covid situation is getting my down. Just everything has been hard and know motivation at all.

I have also been sorting out my craft space. If you follow me on Facebook i did post a few pictures of it but i needed more desk space. I had a delivery from Ikea yesterday and spent all day changing it around. I am suffering for it today though! My back is killing. I ordered another Kallax unit and some draws, shelfs etc to put in it. I have lots more work space now 🙂

Here are a couple of photos of it. I don’t have the luxury of a designated craft room so i share my bedroom with it. One day when i have my own craft company i can afford a bigger house lol 😉 Well i can dream anyway.

So there is my crafty space 🙂

Please join me on Youtube this Sunday for the start of my new series, Relove your stash!! I am really looking forward to this as when i did my ‘Tired of it’ video the other day, so many people have reached out to me through email, Facebook etc.

Happy new year everyone and i will be back soon.

Love Ann xx

Published by Ann Melvin

My name is Ann and i am a total craft addict! I am a freelance demonstrator for Sizzix, demonstrating there fantastic products on create and craft TV. I have a YouTube channel which i upload to weekly.

16 thoughts on “I am so sorry guys :-(

  1. Hi ann such a lovely warm space you have there. Plesse do not appologise to any one you give me so much inspiration and i love it when you fluff up it makes you human. I know what you are feeling i have been in the house since last march and only been our 5 times for medical stuff and 1 time got stuck in a very small lift for 2 hrs lol so keep your chin up and ifyou need to talk im here xx


  2. Please Anne take care of you. We are here to support you. I love the brightness of your craft room. It will all get sorted as you want/need it to be in time. Just do the best you can. Take care Debbie

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  3. Hi Ann,  I’m so sorry to see that you are taking strain and you obviously are.

    You know, you mustn’t be too hard on yourself.  They reckon that a house move stress wise is comparable to losing someone, in your case, being on your own, having to decorate  a whole house by yourself, trying to keep your business going, its amazing you are still standing.  Add to all that the length of time you had to wait for the house to be ready for you to even get the keys, it was an absolute nightmare.  You had just taken on being a sizzix demonstrator and obviously, no matter how understanding and nice they were to you, you must have felt enormous pressure from that. Think about it, our Ann has been a little pressure cooker ready to blow, but didn’t. She held on and is still trying to release that pressure.   No wonder your mojo is battling to get back. I think an awful lot of us are battling at the moment.  This virus has put us all under immense pressure, the constant lock downs, not being able to socialise, not being able to mix with our loved ones, so many things blocking our creativity.   Ann try and not stress.  You are a wonderful demonstrator, your inventiveness will come back, it may not be today or tomorrow, it may not be next week, but it will come back and all us followers of your you tubes will be quite happy to wait until it does. Give yourself a break, sit back, have a coffee or a wine, and think how many friends you actually have through your wonderful creative gift. With love, 

    Sandra Baker Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

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  4. Your doing a great job we all loose our mojo at times and find it hard to get it back. I lost mine quite a few weeks ago but it looks like it’s coming back a little at a time.


  5. Ann, you have done some fantastic work for your craft area. It’s stunning & very well organized, neat & tidy. I love it. Great job, well done!! Can’t wait for Sunday. Stick with us, please! We love you & all the work you do. Be safe & TYFS

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  6. Your space looks like a very happy place! Love your organisation and layout – you should feel very accomplished using it now! Look forward to your next creations! Happy New Year, Ann from Ann in Australia

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  7. Your doing a great job and we’re all in the same boat sometimes we get crafters block and can’t craft but when you move house and there’s Covid to deal with it’s all too much. I’ve just got my mojo back after watching your videos on laminating I love them. Your craft space is very tidy. Thankyou for sharing your talents keep going.

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  8. I left another message, but it was not published . . . wonder why?? Anyway, just telling you that I am so happy I found you again . . . I missed you . . . your creativity . . . your . . . gorgeous!!! . . . everything. I have registered again to receive your postings. Thanks for everything and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


  9. Just a note to say hello and hope everything in life is improving. I can not wait to see your next inspiration, for it brightens my day. Stay positive, focused and hope you are admired as a great crafter. Linda Cruse


  10. Hi Ann,I’m pretty new to paper crafts as I usually stick to watercolours. Anyway after receiving some crafting items and wating tutorials mainly yours, I’ve got the bug.
    You are so talented but down to earth,easy to understand and I love watching your tutorials.
    I made my very 1st laminated notebook and it looks pretty ok,though I think my elastic needs to be a bit thicker.
    Please take care and try not let this blinking Covid grind you down lass and dont feel apologetic if your mojo is lacking from time to time as we all get like that.All the best x

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