Laminator Hacks and Project Ideas

Hi everyone,

I have just uploaded a new video to Youtube with a couple of cool laminator hacks! I hope you like them and will find some good use from them. These cute little folders with cards and envelopes in would be great for craft fairs or even as gifts.

One of the hacks i share is great at saving on pouches. If you are laminating one side of your card or paper, you only need to use one half of the laminator pouch! If you check out my tutorial you will see how i do it.

The next tip was leaving the tabs out of your pouch. As i made a folder/wallet for my cards i didn’t want to laminate the tabs. This just allows the tabs to be able to stick ‘paper to paper’ I think its pretty cool.

I also made my own cute envelopes for the cards. I will post the link for my tutorial at the end of this post.

Bye for now


Published by Ann Melvin

My name is Ann and i am a total craft addict! I am a freelance demonstrator for Sizzix, demonstrating there fantastic products on create and craft TV. I have a YouTube channel which i upload to weekly.

2 thoughts on “Laminator Hacks and Project Ideas

  1. Another awesome idea Ann. Love how you can use only 1/2 of the laminating sheets!! I’m now thinking that you could do the same thing with the napkins if you prefer not to use 2 napkins!!

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