Awesome Corset Card

Hi everyone πŸ™‚

So I am back with another tutorial. Today I have what i am calling a ‘Corset card’ I have know idea if that’s what they are called but that’s the name I have chosen. There are a few of these on Youtube in various different forms. My inspiration came from another Youtube channel called Sharmins Crafts. You can find the link in my Youtube video description.

This really is a beautiful card and its very simple to make. It won’t stand up due to the shape of it and i also think you would need a gift box for it. I am happy to do a tutorial on a matching gift box if you need one.


All you need to make this card is some A4 card stock or if you are in the USA it will be 8 1/2″ x 11″. Just follow my instructions in the tutorial as its very difficult to give exact sizes for this card. You also need a hole punch, some ribbon and some kind of flowers. The ones i used are paper and i cut them from some dies i have. You can use any flowers you like.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and maybe you will try making one yourself. As i am getting ready to move house it was quite hard to get together supplies for this tutorial. i will be so happy when i am moved and settled.

I will be back again soon.

Love Ann xx

Published by Ann Melvin

My name is Ann and i am a total craft addict! I am a freelance demonstrator for Sizzix, demonstrating there fantastic products on create and craft TV. I have a YouTube channel which i upload to weekly.

20 thoughts on “Awesome Corset Card

  1. Another brilliant project Ann. Thank you for continuing to bring us projects when you are trying to move house. Take care and I hope the move goes well ☺ πŸ€— xx

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  2. Thank you for sharing another lovely project Ann, and taking the time to create and make tutorials whilst you are trying to move house. Take care and hope the move goes smoothly ☺ πŸ€— πŸ€— xx

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  3. Loving this card Ann. Hope your move went well. Now to get settled and find things. But you will get there. I’m also loving your new site. It’s beautiful. A lot of work. Hope you are also doing well. Be safe & TYFS

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