Thank you for following my new website

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to do a quick post to say thank you for checking out and following my new website. I woke up to hundreds of notifications to say you had been following me πŸ™‚

I will be adding lots more to this site including tutorials from old blog. Its a bit tricky as i am in the process of moving home but hope to have it all finished soon.

There will also be a section where you can purchase my handmade flowers and also i may list some ‘one off’ pieces i have made. I do also have lots of craft items that i have left from my previous craft boxes, bits that i ordered to many of etc. I will also be listing these once i am moved and unpacked etc.

Thank you again for following and i hope you enjoy the new website.

Love Ann xx

Published by Ann Melvin

My name is Ann and i am a total craft addict! I am a freelance demonstrator for Sizzix, demonstrating there fantastic products on create and craft TV. I have a YouTube channel which i upload to weekly.

27 thoughts on “Thank you for following my new website

  1. Hi Ann, congratulations on such a beautiful new website! I’m going to need forever off my work to make so many fantastic projects! 😍 keep up the good and β€˜positively’ beautiful work! Thank you 😊

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  2. Ann I love your tutorial your boxes everything I will follow you always. Your kind helpful generous very giving. I just hope I can follow your new channel as I’m useless with tech stuff, however sounds fantastic . All the very best with the move hope it’s as stress free as possible x x

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  3. Ann, it’s a thank you to you!

    Yet another way to get your wonderful tutorials, ideas and inspiration.

    I look forward to seeing your future tutorials, and items for sale!

    Much love to you
    xXx πŸ’πŸ’•

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  4. Hi Ann,
    I absolutely enjoy watching your tutorial and get so many ideas and inspiration.

    Good luck on your new website, regards,

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  5. Hi Anne have been following you on your You Tube channel and now look forward to following you here for more inspiration and tutorials.
    Best Wishes
    Pam x

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  6. Thank you for continuing with your fab tutorials Ann, love the website at last got you back, as you no I have had problems not receiving you. xx

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  7. I have been following you for a few years now and I love all you do. The way you also teach is a plus. I even love the little mistakes you make and correct them &/or just go about finishing the project. You are a blessing to me. Love to watch your videos and learn what I can from you. Love the new site!! Job well done.

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  8. Hi Ann, I think you must have some sort of crafting superbrain – sparking off one idea after another. I love your tutorials.

    Congratulations on your new website. ❀

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  9. Hi Ann, I have been following you on YouTube for a few years, love your awesome tutorials, sadly we don’t get to see you on the sizzix shows in Australia, thank you x

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